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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letter to Editor Re: Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani: Jacksonville Daily News, Jacksonville, NC (2/28/2012)

Youcef Nadarkhani and his family
We sent a Letter to the Editor of Jacksonville Daily News, Jacksonville, NC, dated 2/28/2012.  Every letter written by yours truly has been posted with them. We're a military town full of Marines and Sailors.  Many are retired veterans, like myself.  This is an effort to widen the concerns for Youcef, his family, and our First Amendment protections--as a way of life.

Dear Editor:

I call your attention to the Iranian Pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani, facing execution for converting from Islam to Christianity. A quick google search yields numerous articles.

Our President and State Department have stated objec
tions as have other international voices. I recommend contacting Federal Representatives (Walter Jones) and our Senators. While they can do little, at least one will have spoken. There appears to be widening media interest.

Most or many of us in Jacksonville have served in the military and have put our lives on the line. All of us--as Americans whether having served or not--are thankful for our First Amendment protections under the Constitution. The historians have helped us to understand these legal developments and protections. Our lawyers and Judges have helped as well. Our schools from elementary to collegiate levels have given our rudimentary lessons on this. To all, we are thankful. Lest we forget.

This concern is obviously outside the routine of city and county business. In fact, this situation is outside our normal orbit of thinking and experience. However, it reminds us all of our protections from religious coercion. This story about a Pastor in Iran, facing execution, is not a novel or fiction, but it is a real-life story and reminds us of our heritage.

A few add-ons. First, it behooves us to evaluate potential Sharia-creep vis a vis state and federal law. Oklahoma appears to be addressing this. Second, it behooves us to us read, mark, learn and inwardly digest scholarly articles (without hype and emotion) on Islamic law, conquests, Crusades, Nation of Islam, Hezbollah, Hamas, theological content in the manuals in madrassas in Saudi Arabia and more. Getting solidly read and educated is important.

What's on review here? An execution after a criminal trial in Iran for a Christian Pastor. Imagine the reverse? Criminalizing and executing an Imam in the US for converting from Christianity to Islam? That's what is on review.

I hope JD News will offer a little more coverage on it. Let us read, mark, learn and inwardly digest--the scholarly stuff.

Donald Philip Veitch

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