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Wednesday, February 29, 2012



We generally don't pay significant attention to Baptacostals (except Mahaney) or Anabaptists.  As Confessionally Reformed Anglicans, Prayer Book people, an instant clash along several lines exists. However, we've followed some of the debates over James MacDonald and ER2, that is, "Elephant Room 2" recently hosted by MacDonald.  Ken Silva brings this word.


Apprising Ministries reminds you that the Elephant Room 2 detonated an explosion within evangelicalism and the aftermath continues spreading shockwaves.

No doubt in the coming days we’ll see even more cracks in The Gospel Coalition, Acts 29 Network, Harvest Bible Fellowship.

One shockwave we saw was in James MacDonald, Elephant Room 2, And The Race Card?

Beginning at 4:00 into the video you’ll see it yourself in James MacDonald’s post Post-Elephant Room Interview, Part 1.

In what appears to be an effort to sneak modalism in the back door, we’re essentially told that if we rejct T.D. Jakes as a Christian brother it’s because we’re racist.

Sad, but true. You may know that curator of ER2 was James MacDonald. If you didn’t know, MacDonald is Founding & Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel and his bio also tells us:
In 2002, a church planting ministry called Harvest Bible Fellowship was born and has given birth to 68 churches across North America and around the world. James’ vision is that God will use him to help plant 1,000 churches in the next 20 years. (Online source)
Well, today comes another casualty of ER2. In A New Season: An update from the Harvest Elders we find Harvest Bible Chapel of Prescott, Arizona is leaving HBF because of the errant direction of James MacDonald:
From the Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel of Prescott,
For the past six years we have counted it an immense privilege and blessing to be part of Harvest Bible Fellowship. As an independent local church we have enjoyed wonderful fellowship, gleaned many valuable resources and wisdom, and made many incredible long-lasting relationships.

Over the last 11 months or so, Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago (HBC Chicago) has made statements and taken actions that we strongly believe reflect a change in the direction of critical parts of their ministry. We believe these actions and resulting changes can be categorized into three areas:


We believe that HBC Chicago has begun championing the idea that Christians can associate with those teaching heresy (such as those who engage in teaching the Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospels) without necessarily endorsing them or their ministries, implicitly or explicitly…


We believe HBC Chicago has begun communicating the idea that in these last days, unnecessary divisiveness exists and at its root is overly restrictive adherence to Biblical doctrines, that it is more important, for the sake of unity, to extend grace and loosen strict adherence to Biblical doctrines…


We believe that one of our roles as Elders in Christ’s church is to be diligent in helping bring clarity to God’s people in areas of truth and faith. Since the Elephant Room 1 Conference, we have experienced more and more confusion from Harvest-related events and we believe that the confusion has grown exponentially due to Elephant Room 2…


Over this time period, we have repeatedly and privately expressed our concern with the leaders of Harvest Bible Fellowship. After many months of prayer and consideration, we have reached a point in time that we believe to continue our association with HBC Chicago would appear to be endorsing their decisions, which would cause confusion for the flock that is under our care. So it is with a heavy heart, out of what we see is our obedience to our responsibility to our Lord to care and shepherd His flock, that we must end our association with HBC Chicago…

For the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and the good of His flock,

The Elder Team -
Pastor Skip BreyerPastor Jon Gaus
Brad Penner
Tom Perconti
Online source)

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