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Friday, December 23, 2011

New Book: Bp. Charles Pettit McIlvaine (19th Century Evangelical Anglican)

A Born Again Episcopalian: The Evangelical Witness of Charles Pettit McIlvaine

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Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
Pages: 285
Binding: Paperback

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Charles Pettit McIlvaine, who lived from 1799-1873, embodied the evangelical creed of the nineteenth century. A clear-thinking, intellectually rigorous Episcopalian, he exemplified the deep emotional currents of revival and rebirth, of the 'conviction of sin,' of the need to be born again into new life. An aristocrat by birth and bearing and a bishop by consecration of the Episcopal Church, he knew himself to be a common sinner in God's sight, as much in need of rescue as the folk to whom he ministered. - from the Author's Preface




1. Man and Mission

2. The Divided Self

3. Birth of a Controversialist

4. Meaning It

5. The Revivalist

6. Confuting the Tractarians

7. Refuting the Rationalists

8. Social Issues

9. Churchman

10. Facing Death

Afterword: McIlvaine's Relevance for Today

Appendix: Charlotte Elliott's "Just as I Am"

Endorsements "This valuable work on the great Victorian Evangelical bishop of Ohio brings to life the story of an eminent theologian, revivalist and churchman. McIlvaine ought to be better known in our day. It is a great omission among Episcopalians in North America that he is not. By his many works and contributions he speaks today." - The Late Rev. Dr. Peter Toon, author of 'The End of Liberal Theology' and former president of the Prayer Book Society of the U. S. A.

"Bishop Charles Pettit McIlvaine deserves to be far better known among 21st century North American Anglicans. Thomas Isham's biography is a significant contribution to understanding the 19th century roots of contemporary Anglican witness and resurgence." - The Most Reverend Robert W. Duncan, Jr., Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America


"A very welcome biography of an influential evangelical Episcopalian leader. Isham's study is accessible and well researched; it deserves a wide audience." - Gillis J. Harp, author of Brahmin Prophet: Phillips Brooks and the Path of Liberal Protestantism

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