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Monday, February 13, 2012

Updated Records, Orange County, CA: Paul Crouch, Jr., Divorce

Records on Paul Crouch, Jr., from the Superior Court, Orange County, CA.  Divorce final.  No coverage, however, by major Baptacoastalist outlets--TBN, CBN, Charisma or elsewhere.

1Paul F. Crouch Jr.Petitioner05/18/2006
2Tawny C. CrouchRespondent05/18/2006
3Davert & LoeAttorney For Pltf/Pet105/18/2006


Crouch Jr.  v. Crouch
Filing Date:05/18/2006
Category:Disso With Children
Type:Disso With Child
Judicial Officer:Judge Unassigned
Marital Status:

36Ged Closed01/26/2012No Document
35Suspense07/02/2010No Document
34Withdrawal Of Attorney09/17/2009Tawny C. Crouch2 pages
33Proof Of Service By Mail-Family Law07/27/2009Tawny C. Crouch2 pages
32Decl-Writ Of Execution07/27/2009Tawny C. Crouch2 pages
31Stipulation And Order07/14/2009Tawny C. Crouch3 pages
30Child Support Case Registry Form12/03/2008Tawny C. CrouchNo Document
29Proof Of Service By Mail-Family Law12/19/2008Tawny C. Crouch2 pages
28Stipulation And Order12/03/2008Tawny C. Crouch3 pages
27Matter Ordered Off Calendar10/22/20081 pages
26Notice Of Osc Continuance09/05/2008Tawny C. Crouch2 pages
25Inventory Reassignment09/08/2008No Document
24Affidavit/Declaration-Other08/29/2008Tawny C. Crouch9 pages
23Minute Order - Contin By Stip09/03/20081 pages
22Minute Order - Reassignment Re Inventory Change08/21/20081 pages
21Income & Expense Declaration07/08/2008Tawny C. Crouch5 pages
20Osc - Modification07/08/2008Tawny C. Crouch37 pages
19Suspense07/08/2008No Document
18Settlement Agreement-Marital05/09/2008Paul F. Crouch Jr.3 pages
17Order-Other04/22/2008Paul F. Crouch Jr.8 pages
16Inventory Reassignment12/31/2007No Document
15Decl-Def Or Uncontested Disso05/31/2007Paul F. Crouch Jr.2 pages
14Waiver Of Final Declaration Of Disclosure05/31/2007Paul F. Crouch Jr.1 pages
13Decl-Service Of Final Discl05/31/2007Paul F. Crouch Jr.1 pages
12Appearance/Stip & Waivers05/31/2007Paul F. Crouch Jr.1 pages
11Notice Of Entry Of Judgment05/31/2007Paul F. Crouch Jr.1 pages
10Judgment Under Fc2336 - Fam Law05/31/2007No Document
9Judgment05/31/2007Paul F. Crouch Jr.23 pages
8Decl-Service Of Final Discl07/07/2006Tawny C. Crouch1 pages
7Declaration-Uniform Custody07/07/2006Tawny C. Crouch2 pages
6Response-Family Law07/07/2006Tawny C. Crouch4 pages
5Proof Of Service/Summons06/09/2006Paul F. Crouch Jr.2 pages
4Ntc & Acknowledgmnt Of Receipt06/09/2006Paul F. Crouch Jr.1 pages
3Declaration-Uniform Custody05/18/2006Paul F. Crouch Jr.2 pages
2Summons- 30 Day05/18/2006Paul F. Crouch Jr.2 pages
1Petition-Dissolution05/18/2006Paul F. Crouch Jr.3 pages
 The Petition was filed on 05/18/2006 There is no future hearing date scheduled. A judgment for this case was entered on 05/31/2007 The divorce has been granted. Please refer to the file for the effective date of the divorce.


jmw said...

I heard about this through a friend of the family back in 2005 or so, but had forgotten all about it. They have been faking it for years.

Reformation said...

Looks like things were finalized in 2007.