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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Implications: Sudanese Anglicans Toss/Disinvite TEC PB's Invitation--Katherine Jefferts Schori

Sudanese Anglicans toss/disinvite TEC PB's invitation to Sudan.  We covered that earlier. There are costs and consequences to institutionally-protected heresy.   Reformed Anglicanism's view?  Get over it, TEC.  Ya'll have made choices for decades.  It might be advisable to re-read Athanasius's De Incarnatione Verbi Dei for the implications of miracles, virgin birth, and the God-Word-Man implications for history, providence and redemption.  A suitable re-read for Advent 2011. Creedal Christian considers additional implications.  We feel the pain for the remnant in Anglican exile.

The Episcopal Church of Sudan Backs Away from the Episcopal Church USA


I'm saddened and concerned by the news from the Episcopal Church of Sudan. Peter Carrell at Anglican Down Under sums it up:

The Anglican church in Sudan (i.e. the Episcopal Church of Sudan, with more members than all Episcopalians/Anglicans in the USA) has come out boldly and clearly and stated it is recognising ACNA [Anglican Church in North America] as a fully orthodox church. At the same time it is distancing itself from most of TEC, and disinviting PB Jefferts Schori from coming to visit the ECS.

Nicholas Knisely at "The Lead" on Episcopal Cafe puts it like this:

Archbishop Deng Bul, the Primate of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, has written to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church to withdraw her invitation to visit Sudan this spring. He cites the Episcopal Church's support of gay and lesbian Christians as the cause.

Here's the letter Archbishop Bul sent to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori (h/t TitusOneNine):

The Most Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori
Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church
United States of America

Thursday 15th December 2011

Dear Bishop Katharine,

Advent greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is with a heavy heart that I write you informing you of our decision as a House of Bishops to withdraw your invitation to the Episcopal Church of the Sudan (ECS). We acknowledge your personal efforts to spearhead prayer and support campaigns on behalf of the ECS and remain very grateful for this attention you and your church have paid to Sudan and South Sudan. However, it remains difficult for us to invite you when elements of your church continue to flagrantly disregard biblical teaching on human sexuality.

attached a statement further explaining our position as a province.


--(The Most Rev.) Dr. Daniel Deng Bul Yak, Archbishop Primate and Metropolitan of the Province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and Bishop of the Diocese of Juba

Part of the attached statement explains the reasons for withdrawing the invitation as follows:

We are deeply disappointed by The Episcopal Church's refusal to abide by Biblical teaching on human sexuality and their refusal to listen to fellow Anglicans. For example, TEC Diocese of Los Angles, California in 2010 elected and consecrated Mary Douglas Glasspool as their first lesbian assistant Bishop. We are not happy with their acts of continuing ordaining homosexuals and lesbians as priests and bishops as well as blessing same sex relations in the church by some dioceses in TEC; it has pushed itself away from God's Word and from Anglican Communion. TEC is not concerned for the unity of the Communion.

Episcopal Church of Sudan is recognizing the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) fully as true faithful Orthodox Church and we will work with them to expand the Kingdom of God in the world. Also we will work with those Parishes and Dioceses in TEC who are Evangelical Orthodox Churches and faithful to God.

We will not compromise our faith on this and we will not give TEC advice anymore, because TEC ignored and has refused our advices.

We have many Sudanese members of the cathedral I currently serve. I have no idea how or if this will affect their feelings about the Episcopal Church USA. Our cathedral has also been contemplating a medical mission to South Sudan, and my diocese is involved in efforts to raise money to build a Cathedral for the Diocese of Bor. Will this decision adversely affect those initiatives or even shut them down? Or will my diocese and/or cathedral be deemed worthy of inclusion among "those Parishes and Dioceses in TEC who are Evangelical Orthodox Churches and faithful to God?"

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