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Monday, May 9, 2011

VERMONT: Feasibility Study Reveals Diocese of Vermont in Serious Trouble

VirtueOnline - News - Exclusives - VERMONT: Feasibility Study Reveals Diocese of Vermont in Serious Trouble

A telling and witty comment was offered at VOL, to wit:

"How could Vermont or any other diocese be in trouble?

"Why, we changed our prayer book so it would be `more understandable'; we changed our music so it would be "more contemporary"; we changed our beliefs about divorce, remarriage, and fornication so we'd be "more relevant"; and we changed our focus from the worship of God to the Social Justice Gospel.

"I just don't understand it! People should be flocking to our churches!

"For goodness sake - don't we hop about the nave hugging perfect strangers now? Don't we wave our hands and talk in tongues now? What more could they want? We even have fishing poles with streamers attached so the acolytes can wave them in the air whilst coming down the that's showmanship!

"After all, back when we were America's most admired denomination - back when we had the most beautiful worship services in Western Christendom; back when we had more trust funds than required to run several medium-sized countries; back when we had an educated, literate, witty, and erudite clergy - why, back then we were building churches!

"Would one of you draft-dodgers from the 1960s who is now a bishop please explain to me just what the problem is?"

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