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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Press Release: Western Diocese of ACNA's Theological Conference: "Pentecostalizing Evensong"

Press Release from the Western Diocese ACNA Diocese: The Fall 2014 Theological Conference,* entitled “Pentecostalizing Evensong: CCM & Liturgical Dance, Keys to Church Growth” will be held in Costa Mesa, CA.** The schedule is as follows:

Loud Praise Band Music for the Processional/Bp. Chuck Murphy will be in the quire to the side to lead the congregational in hand-waving throughout
Bp. Todd Hunter: “Break Dancing to the General Confession”***
Bp. Phenicas Biriki-Olumbe: “Charleston Jitterburg to the Declaration of Remission”

Bp. Ray Sutton: “Tango Steps & Accompanying Tunes for the LORD’s Prayer”

Psalter, OT, NT Lessons will at most have only 1 verse so as to accommodate more worship, more dance, more jumping, more "revelations in the Spirit," more prostrations in the Spirit, less reading, and less thinking.

Bp. Leonard Riches: “Modelling Ballet Reponsorials to the Lections”

Bp. Keith Ackerman: “Rapping the Apostles’ Creed”

Bp. Bob Duncan: “Heavy Metal Background Tunes for the Collects.”

Offering & Anthem: “More Ballet Moves by Bp. Leonard Riches”

Sermon 1 by Bp. Roy Grote: “How to Get a D.D. Without Doing Any Doctoral Work.”

Sermon 2 by Rick Warren: “CCM, Praise Bands, Liturgical Dance & the Results of Church Growth”

No Benediction:

Recessional: Loud Praise Band:  "The Outbreak"

Fellowship hour will feature light beverages & refreshments. Band and dance moves will be illustrated. Dancing is permitted in keeping with the spirit of Evensong (caveat: only bishops with bishops, presbyters with presbyters, and deacons with deacons).

*1979 BCP, Rite 1

**The Archbishop of Canterbury, Mr. Welby, has chosen to attend but will remain in the narthex. If you hear tongues, babbellings and other loud wailings from the narthex, it will be him praying for varied manifestations of tongues and revelatory words. We are pleased to accept his intercessions. Others may also offer up invocations to Mary or seek to channel the departed spirit of Paul Crouch, Sr.

***Babbeling in tongues, being slain in the Spirit, getting Words, and congregational jumpings up-and-down--all are highly encouraged for the participating laity.

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