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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty & Fox New's New Moron: Bill O'Reilly

Billo besotted himself on 20 Dec 2013 on the Duck Dynasty matter.  Massive hubris. No wisdom. No scholarship. No prudence. However, to be fair and balanced, it is noted that Bill's legendary exegetical prowess, forays into systematic theology and his titanic conquests in the disciplines of church history and the history of doctrines were on full and brilliant display. We'd be much poorer if we failed to engage Billo's profundities.

What Does the Fox Say? You're Stupid | Wretched

What Does the Fox Say? You're Stupid

by Todd Friel  

Photo: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia - cc
Bill O'Reilly
What does the Fox say? You're stupid.

The number one conservative talk show on television just sent evangelicals a Christmas present. It's a box of antipathy wrapped with condescension with a card that says, "You are a moron." No exchanges allowed.

In response to the Duck Debacle, Bill O'Reilly judged Phil Robertson for judging homosexuals. The irony was caught by everyone but TV's number one pontificator who mangled Scripture beyond recognition to inform us Jesus would never judge anyone. That is true, except for the temple merchants, Zaccheus, the woman at the well, the Pharisees, the disciples and one day, the entire world.

Bill claims that Christians cannot tell anyone that they are going to hell. He must not have studied Matt. 18:15-20 for "Killing Jesus."

Bernie Goldberg chimed in by calling evangelicals and the Apostle Paul himself, "ignoramuses." He seethed that we are ignorant and so is the Bible.

Bottom line: evangelicals can hold onto their stupid theology but we better keep it to our stupid selves. And these are our friends.

What is the moral to the Duck Dynasty disaster? Christians are a stone's throw away from stones being thrown.

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