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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hannity: Bribe/Pay-off by Obama to Rev. Jeremiah Wright? $150,000? Benny Da' Man?

Bribe and  Pay-off to Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright by Mr. Obama?
          The ever-voluble, chatty, cheeky, pugnacious, churlish, country-music-lovin,' foot-stompin,' baccalaureate in the arts (B.A. only and nothing more), half-read, half-literate, noisy  and ever-confident Irishman, Sean Hannity, is reporting that Obama “bribed” his former Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah, with $150,000 to keep silent during the Presidential campaign.  
          We routinely patrol the Irish enthusiast’s program, a service of vetting that is needed in/for the media, as well as theological arenas.  RA does not easily abide half-literates easily.  Yet, Sean has surfaced an interesting--perhaps, an important--story.
          Reformation Anglicanism abhors Sean’s weak and shallow academic credentials.  In fact, that applies to everything on FOX from 1900-2200,  Sean is a putz.  A minor. A B.A.  He needs to go back to school for several years. 

         Sean is a blue-collar loud-mouth who entertains “political enthusiasts” (like the MSN"BS" exhorters and like other bucolic, religious “revivalists”).  Further, we dislike the “shout-overs” and “shout-outs” on his unscholarly program of loud-mouths.  Where are the scholarly footnotes?  Yet, this Irish Romanist and enthusiast, this blue collar fella, of few notable attainments, other than entertainment on TV and radio, has raised some good issues about Obama and his black Pastor, Dr. Wright, another infamous loudmouth who exclaimed “God damned America” in a sermon following 9/11. 
           Even if we dislike Hannity, there are issues here worth reviewing.
          The Rev. Dr. Wright claims that Obama’s team offered $150,000 for him to bow out and go silent.  Klein, a new author, is claiming some revealing things from the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright.  As an aside, where are these half-literates in the media?  CNN?  MSN"BS"?  ABC?  CBS?  FOX is on it, thanks to Hannity, but no others.
          Are we "elites" at Reformation Anglicanism?  Indeed, we are.  We are educated.  We insist on it.  We do so when visiting a Physican, flying on a jet, or taking a course in history at college.  We insist upon vetting media (and theological) elites.  We've earned that right and we insist on it.
          Here’s a brief roundup.   The story is developing.

        So, what are the facts?  Was there a $150,000 payoff?
        We'll need to ask Benny, the Big Thinker and Big Reader in America, for his views.   Benny, what do you think, Dude?

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Anonymous said...

With all due respect, what part of what Sean Hannity said about Obama and Wright 4 years ago was wrong? He was warning America how radical and Marxist Obama was - and 3.5 years of tearing apart this country, it's people, buisnesses, military, and Christian Churches is proof of a failed President.