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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mr. De Graaf: Outline "Promise and Deliverance: Creation to Conquest, Vol.1"

De Graaf, S.G. Promise and Deliverance: From Creation to the Conquest of Canaan, Vol. 1 (trans. H.E. Runner). St. Catherines, ONT: Paideia Press, 1977.

This may be one of the "best rediscoveries" in some time at this end. It's for children, actually. That right, right where this scribe a child and learner.  If I were a Rector, I'd be meeting weekly with my S.S. teachers and going over these chapter-by-chapter. There are 4 volumes, but the effort by Mr. De Graaf to tell Bible stories--is just marvelous. One is reminded of Luther's dictum that a theologian is not a theologian until he sits on the ground with the children and teaches them the Creed, etc., line by line, in language they and the Dr. of Theology can both understand. This volume really makes that effort and, of course, like the Bible itself, with the good covenantal and redemptive theme throughout.

Translator’s Preface



1. The Kingdom of God: Gen. 1.1-2.3
2. The Covenant of God’s Favour: Gen. 2.4-25
3. The Covenant of God’s Grace: Gen. 3
4. Living Seed: Gen. 4


5. Saved by Water: Genesis 6-9
6. The Emergence of Distinct Peoples: Gen. 11.1-9


7. Blessed in the One: Gen. 12
8. Christ Alone: Gen. 13
9. Blessed by the Greater: Gen. 14
10. The Lord in the Covenant: Gen. 15
11. God Hears: Gen. 16
12. God the Almighty: Gen. 17
13. God’s Confidant: Gen. 18
14. The Judge of All the Earth: Gen. 19
15. The Protection of the Promised Seed: Gen. 20
16. Divine Good Pleasure: Gen. 21
17. On the Mount of the LORD: Gen. 22
18. The Guarantee of the Inheritance: Gen. 23


19. Loving God for His Own Sake: Job 1
20. The Lord’s Involvement in Human Suffering: Job 2-39
21. Sanctification unto Renewal: Job 40-42


22. The Preservation of the Covenant Seed: Gen. 24.1-25.18
23. Flesh and Spirit: Gen. 25.19-34
24. Rehoboth: Gen. 26


25. God’s Prerogative in Election: Gen. 27.1-28.9
26. God’s Primacy in the Covenant: Gen. 28.10-22
27. The Word Becomes Flesh: Gen. 29-30
28. Separation by the Word: Gen. 31
29. Israel’s God: Gen. 32-33
30. Holy is the LORD: Gen. 34-36


31. Sold for Twenty Pieces of Silver: Gen. 37-38
32. God’s Word in Egypt: Gen. 39-41
33. Restored Unity: Gen. 42-45
34. The Preserver of Life: Gen. 46-47
35. The Bringer of Peace: Gen. 48-50


36. I AM WHO I AM: Ex. 1-4
37. Freedom to Serve the Lord: Ex. 5-11
38. Resurrection: Ex. 12.1-13.16
39. The Day of the LORD: Ex. 13.17-15.21


40. Borne on Eagles’ Wings: Ex. 15.22-17.16
41. The Covenant Established: Ex. 18-24
42. The Mediator: Ex. 32-34
43. God’s Dwelling Place: Ex. 25-31, 35-40
44. Consecrated to God: Lev. 8.1-10.7


45. Israel’s Calling: Num. 9.15-10.36
46. For His Own Sake: Num. 11
47. Illegitimate Honour: Num. 12
48. Light Shining in the Darkness: Num. 13-34
49. The Head of the People Upheld: Num. 16.1-40
50. A Thriving Priesthood: Num. 16.41-17.13
51. Living God: Num. 20.1-13
52. Humiliation: Num. 20.14-21.9
53. Blessed by the LORD: Num. 21.10-24.25
54. The Sovereignty of God’s Justice: Num. 25-36
55. The Word is Very Near You: Dt. 29-34


56. Brought into Canaan: Josh. 1.1-5.12
57. Set Apart to the LORD by the ban: Josh. 5.13-8.35
58. The Righteousness of God: Josh. 9-12
59. The Heritage of the Saints: Josh. 13-22
60. Confirmed in the Inheritance: Josh. 23-24

Speaking of the above as SS materials, this also needs a good review. 

This too needs review. I need to find my copy around here. To review how that might fit into a children's and high school program. Maybe even adults. It's quite good, as memory serves. An old, good 39 Articles- and (old) BCP-man. Worth revisiting this old volume. Mine is beaten-up and old. Certainly a volume a self-conscious and God-respecting Rector would seek to review and use, in my estimation.

Thomas, W.H, Griffith. The Catholic Faith. No location: Forgotten Books, 2012.

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