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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tim Naab: Half-whacked & Half-witted Baptacostalists

Pentecostalists, Baptacostalists, and
Others Disoriented to the Classics.
Said to include Piper, Grudem, Mohler
Driscoll, Chandler, MacDonald, inter alia.
Deep inhalers and hedonistic seekers of unnecessary, unexamined, hyped
and unjustified religious experiences. Turn up the drum kit and music, puleeze.
Another classic from Tim Naab
about monkeyish, half-whacks, half-wit-jobs, half-idiots, full nutjobs, ignorant, un-educated, half-educated, wildcattish, drum-banging, guitar-pluckin' and tub-thumping, enthusiasts in the Baptacostalist and revivalist tradition.  Tim has a long history amongst these cougars of ignorance.  Tim forlornly impugns the generations of his past, the half-whacks who disullimine his past.  May Tim's tribe--his children and grandchildren--be delivered from the twilight, chaos and darkness of these benighted half-whackjobs. Tim honourably posts the following.

Here is a funny one by Tim Naab


Since the mid 19th century there has been a mystery illness that has baffled Medical science. It is now referred to as: Syncopetarantismutopianpachydermatousidiopathicdelirium.

It appears now that it is may be associated with the onset of dispensationalism. Another outbreak began in the early 20th century and grew rapidly until the late 60s when the instances grew at an alarming rate. Doctors have determined that the outbreak in the early 20th century followed Pentecostalism and the alarming growth rate in the 1960s followed the Charismatic Movement.

The scientific name for this disease, ... See More
Syncopetarantismutopianpachydermatousidiopathicdelirium, is constructed from 6 words

1.) Syncope (Partial or complete loss of consciousness with interruption of awareness of oneself and ones surroundings.)

2.) Tarantism (associated with melancholy, stupor, madness and an uncontrollable desire to dance)

3.) Utopian (Proposing impracticably ideal schemes.)

4.) Pachydermatous (to be thick-skinned; insensitive to criticism, insult, etc.)

5.) Idiopathic (Of unknown cause)

6.) Delirium (characterized by anxiety, disorientation, hallucinations, delusions, and incoherent speech.)

The patient with this diagnosis is referred to by its acronym, S.T.U.P.I.D.. At this time there is neither cure nor treatment.

~ Tim Naab


dannyiselin said...

Hey, fool, it weren't for these guys keeping the Gospel alive, the Church of England, despite its evangelical consitency's claim, would be ONE DESOLATE HOUSE... which it slowly is becoming. Have you ever noticed that Sydney Anglicans endorse these same guys. SO SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Reformation said...

1. You call me a "fool," fool?

2. Also, try using "spell checker" to enhance your credibility.

3. And what was your point, so incompetently stated, about Sydney Anglicans?

4. Try learning some basic skills of writing and communication so we can get past your incompetencies of expression.