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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Piper and Lent? Anabaptist Piper Oddly Posts Various Posts about Lent

Rather odd that a predestinarian Anabaptist, a TULIP Anabaptist, John Piper, is commenting about Lent when non-conforming Presbyterians, Congregationalist, and Anabaptistic types have strenuously and energetically opposed the liturgical calendar.  Most odd.  What can one make of it, but oddness?

Not that we mind, be we find it odd.

Why?  Preliminarily, regarding Reformation confessions, a drifter.  Preliminarily, regarding Reformed liturgies, again, a big drifter.  Preliminarly, re: revivalism, he's an Edwarsean and predestinarian enthusiast.  Throw in some uber-American evangelicalism as well.   It appears to be this simple.

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