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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Old Brassy, Small-Big Balls C.J. Mahaney at T$G (Together for the Gospel, T4G) 2012

Mahaney, the half-wit, half-literate (high school only) and half-whacked Baptacostalist
at Together for the Gospel 2012. A favourite
and friend of Drs. Dever, Mohler and Duncan,
enablers of the Half-wit from SGM.  They as leaders and followers deserve what they've sought, an Enthusiast and Mountebank.
Never mind the title. We think the leaders of T$G, or T4G, actually have marshmellow, soft and malleable balls, or, anatomically, soft gonads, like Dever, Mohler and Duncan.  The big ballster, of big brass, big indifference, big boldness, and impenitent ballisnessm, is the wild ignoramus, half-literate, high schooling, and and Narcissistic-in-Chief of SGM, old ignorant baldy, C. J. Mahaney. Is there no decency, order, decorum, dignity, depth, order, catholicity, biblicality and wisdom?  Not at T$G.  Old Baldy has been speaking.

Mahaney Reclaims Throne at T4G

Wed, Apr 11 2012
"We are called to take the gospel to those with hard hearts and blind eyes."


C.J. Mahaney (in The Sustaining Power of the Gospel at 2012T4G)

Marching Sheep
I just finished listening to the audio of C.J. Mahaney's message The Sustaining Power of the Gospel which was delivered during the opening session of the 2012 Together for the Gospel conference. Don't get confused if you watch the video on the T4G website, which shows this subtitle – When a Pastor Loses Heart. You see, this is the actual title of his message, which I initially heard back in November 2011. How is that possible? Mahaney explained in his opening remarks that each speaker decides which message to share, and this is the one he selected. If you're not familiar with C.J. Mahaney, he is famous for recycling his messages, and this one was first delivered at the most recent SGM Pastors Conference.

In preparation for this post, I listened to the SGM version a second time, and it is very similar to the one given at T4G. In case you're wondering about the identity of the theologian who worries that he botches his sermons, Mahaney identifies him in the SGM message. He is talking about a Presbyterian pastor named Sinclair Ferguson, who was one of the speakers at the 2011 SGM Pastors Conference. I remember hearing Sinclair preach once during a chapel service at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Alistair Begg was initially scheduled to speak but had to cancel at the last minute. Ferguson is a fine speaker. I'm just sorry he has gotten involved with Sovereign Grace Ministries.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and frankly T4G attendees, the above photo is what you look like to us. In the foreground is the T4G pacer vehicle with the Fab Four – Mohler, Dever, Mahaney, and Duncan – leading the flock down the road to so-called reformation. This is the fourth T4G conference that has been held, and we wonder how many of you keep flocking back time after time to hear the same speakers. We have to assume that you've been too busy to vet one of the Fab Four – C.J. Mahaney – and that you know nothing about the devastation that has occurred in Sovereign Grace Ministries. That is the only possible explanation we can come up with for for why you would listen to C.J. Mahaney's message.

On the opening day of T4G, Jim over at SGM Refuge featured this post by Praise Warrior:

"We find it ironic that CJ Mahaney will preach a session called “When A Pastor Loses Heart” at the T4G (Together For The Gospel) conference soon. Perhaps before stepping up to the plate to hit his homerun, CJ might consider interviewing the many pastors and church members who have lost heart and left Sovereign Grace Ministries.
It might surprise the many that will be gathered to hear the strength of the arguments that CJ might not be the best choice to deliver a message on this topic. In fact, many of us would call it downright rude – an ‘in-your-face’ blow to those who are convinced that CJ charging ahead in his public ministry poses a significant lack of integrity on his part and the part of those around him.
Let the discussion panels be comprised of just 4 pastors who have lost heart under CJ’s leadership and the conversation would become quite lively.

CJ, would you please consider recusing yourself from speaking at this conference? Don’t you think you might have a slight conflict of interest here? Here is a suggestion: rather than taking your cues from your buddies Mohler, Duncan and Dever, why don’t you simply ask all the remaining pastors in your family of churches if they think it is wise for you to continue in public ministry at this time?

No one is out to destroy you. Most of us feel sorrow for you. It might be time for you to consider the following:
1) Have you failed to both teach about AND PRACTICE meaningful membership at Covenant Life Church?
2) Doesn’t the nature of a church covenant require the church’s consent to both enter and leave the membership of the church?
3) Do you have unresolved conflicts with your family of churches and their leaders?
4) Are you aware your flock (the one you pastored for so many years) is studying you?
5) How many people are struggling with you because your teaching does not line up with your practice?

Answer these questions and we will be happy to not walk out when you begin to speak at T4G. If you get around to answering these, maybe clue us in as to why Dave Harvey is continuing in his ministry as well. Not that you owe us anything. You might have already forgotten about us."

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