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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Roundup: 2nd Degree Homocide Charges Against George Zimmerman

Finally, an intelligent inquiry on the situation re: Trayvon Martin.  Facts, just the facts.  Homocide, by definition, is not about race.  By definition, it is about the killing of one human by another.  See Boyce's Criminal Law, a standard text in law schools.

 Not race, but facts!

All humans, white, black purple, pink, yellow or polka-dotted abhor murders.

Now, let Witless, Sharpless Sharpton address black-on-black crime, sorta like a 94%-ish.  The ever Sharpless and Silent Sharpton.

Yet, these cable-caterwaulers, enthusiasts and wildcats like the Irreverent Rev. Sharpless (Rev. Al Sharpton), the Irreverent-Ignorant Jesse Jacked-Over (Rev. Jesse Jackson) and the Black Panthers invoked racism, these bigots.

Fortunately, intelligent and thoughtful African or Black Americans would not hoodwinked by these racist-baiters, e.g. Dr. Alveda King.  Dr. King observes that racists are leveraging the news to a level of race-baiting.  Dr. King is educated and intelligent, unlike the Revs Sharpless and JackedOver.

Will Eric Holder hold Black Panthers guilty of hate crimes and communicating a threat?  Hah!?  Sharpless or JackedOver, your views here?  Rather quiet, laddies.

Eric Holder, Attorney General for Obama, where are you?  Re: the clear, present, articulated, and documentable "communication of threats" by black racists?  Eric, Obama?  The call for the shedding of blood?

We've had enough of bigoted racist-baiters like the ignorant and non-educated race-hustlers like the Irreverend Al Sharpless-Totally Stupid  and the Not-educated Irreverend Jesse JackedUp-JackedOver-Jesse Jackson.  Both are very stupid and ignorant men.

We genuinely support intelligent people of colour, e.g. Dr. Alveda King and Congressman Allen West.  People who are intelligent and thoughtful.

Let the thinkers, deliberaters, forensic specialists, medical examiners, lawyers, prosecutors and defense attorneys, with a jury prevail.  Finally, toss the race-hustlers under the bus in favour of deliberative thinkers, heretofore, unknown in Sharpless Sharpton's and JackedOver Jackson's constituencies. 

The Case Against George Zimmeran

Second degree murder charges filed by the FL State Attorney General's office against George Zimmerman.

The Case Against Zimmerman

Civil Rights Crime?

Zimmerman, facing Second Degree Homocide Charge

Zimmerman will plead "Not Guilty" to 2nd Degree Homocide Charges

MSN "BS's" Chief-Bigoteer-in-Chief, Monsigneur Chirs, the August, the Mighty, his Majesty, Sir Chris Matthew's "Hardball, " a hothouse forum, for Chris's opponents and historic "Softball" for Chris's friends.  As to this clip, it's fairly balanced (unlike Chris's usual, bucolic exhortations).

Martins's parents weigh in with the Rev. Sharpless, Ignorant, Stupid, Non-educated, Irreverend, Ignorant Al "Stupid, Illiterate, No Degree" Al Sharpton.  Want an ignorant surgeon to perform surgery?  Or, an ignorant and uneducated pilot to fly your next flight out of Raleigh, NC?  Irreverend and Ignorant Not Sharpton engages here.

Attorneys react to issues re: Zimmerman.

Effects of media coverage.

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