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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Idiot Posts from Phil Johnson, Turk, & AnaBaptists at T$G, Lexington, KY

Should we be surprised by Johnson and Turk's posts from T$G, the AnaBaptacostalist workout of enthusiasms and exhalations in Lexington, KY?  The entire breed was, is and has always been shaped by revivalist theologies, worship and pieties.  They are not our kind in doctrine, worship or piety.  T$G are Baptacostalist and Baptaholic.  Big sales goin' on in the backstalls, right?  They all long for the mantle of national influence and the title "evangelical."  Let their lusts be fulfilled.  What do they know about "Reformational" theology, Confessions, music and liturgy?  We shall, at RA, retain our Confessional, Creedal, Protestant, Reformed and Anglican doctrine, worship and piety.  What do or does Big Al the President of Southern, Shady Mahaney in a fugitive status from SGM, Slic Lick Lig who never met a "Baptist he didn't like," or the Dreary Dever ever know of these things?  DE NADA.  ZIPPO. BIG ZERO.

We've not learned ONE THING from any of these men for many, many years.  NOTHING, ZERO, DE NADA.

T4G Day 3: Maybe More Study
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