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Friday, November 29, 2013

Mr. (Dr. Prof.) David Daniell's "The Bible in English:" Outline of a Must-Read

Daniell, David. The Bible in English: Its History and Influence. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2003.

This one is going to be fun.

Prof. David Daniell is Emeritus Professor of English at the University College London. He is an honorary Fellow of Hertford and St. Catherine’s Colleges, Oxford. He has authored articles and books on Shakespeare and the Arden edition of Julius Caesar. He edited the Penguin edition of William Tyndale’s Obedience of a Christian Man. Yale University Press published his editions of Tyndale’s New Testament and Tyndale’s Old Testament. He is also the author of that magnum opus: William Tyndale: A Biography. The latter is a must-read; if you read nothing else on Tyndale, this one is it.

Acknowledgements, x
Preface, xiii

1. Introduction, pages 1ff.

PART 1: BEFORE PRINTING, pages 17ff.

2. The Bible in Britain from the Earliest Times to AD 850, pages 19ff.
3. The Anglo-Saxon Bible, pages 44ff.
4. Romance and Piety, 1066—1350, pages 56ff.
5. The Wycliff (“Lollard”) Bibles, pages 66ff.
6. Before and After Wycliff: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, pages 96ff.


7. The Greek New Testament of Erasmus, 1516 and After, pages 113ff.
8. The Reformation in England, pages 120ff.
9. William Tyndale, ?1494—1536, pages 133ff.
10. After Tyndale, pages 160ff.
11. Coverdale’s Bible, 1535, pages 173ff.
12. “Matthew’s” Bible, 1537, pages 190ff.
13. The Great Bible, 1539, pages 198ff.
14. Towards the Reign of Edward VI, 1547—1553, pages 221ff.
15. An English Plain Style, and Bible Reading, pages 248ff.
16. The Geneva New Testament, 1557, pages 275ff.
17. The Geneva Bible, 1560, pages 291ff.
18. Reformation Psalms, pages 320ff.
19. The Bishops’ Bible, pages 338ff.
20. Laurence Tomson and the Revision of the Geneva New Testament, 1576, pages 348ff.
21. The Rheims New Testament, 1582, pages 358ff.
22. “Geneva—Tomson—Junius,” 1599, pages 369ff.
23. Explorers of the Revelation: Spenser and Shakespeare, pages 376ff.
24. The English Bible in America: From the Beginnings to 1640, pages 389ff.
25. The King James Version, 1611, pages 427ff.
26. Printing the King James Bible, pages 451ff.
27. The Bible in England in the Seventeenth Century, pages 461ff.
28. The Consolidation of KJV, 1660—1710, pages 487ff.
29. The Bible in England and Ireland, 1710—1760, pages 499ff.
30. More Psalms and Hymns, pages 518ff.
31. The Bible in America to 1776, pages 539ff.
32. The English Bible Against Fashionable Deism: Handel and Pope as Examples, pages 555ff.
33. The English Bible in America, 1777 to the Early Nineteenth Century, pages 580ff.
34. Towards 1769 and After, pages 604ff.
35. Matthew Carey and the American Bible Flood, pages 624ff.
36. The Nineteenth Century Bible in Britain and Two Artists, pages 659ff.
37. The English Revised Version, 1870—85, pages 683ff.
38. The English Bible in America, 1841—1899, pages 701ff.
39. Bible Translation into English in the Twentieth Century, pages 734ff.
40. Conclusion, pages 769ff.

Appendix, pages 775ff.
Abbreviations, pages 794ff.
Notes, pages 795ff.
Chronological List of Bibles, pages 843ff.
Select Bibliography, pages 852ff.
Index, pages 867ff.
Photograph credits, pages 900ff.

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