3801 Lancaster – #Gosnell

If you’ve ever read my tweets, you know the issue of abortion killing defenseless babies gets me pretty riled up. It really irks me that the left has been able to turn a baby’s most basic God-given (and Constitutional) right of life into a “woman’s choice” issue.
It also drives me crazy that many libertarians fall into that trap and disregard about the Constitutional right to life that everyone is guaranteed (Ron Paul agrees abortion should be banned by the way). Perhaps the most insane part of the abortion baby-killing debate is how the women’s choice anti-baby movement has become so mainstream that even many religious people seem to think it’s okay for a woman to have the right to choose deny their baby it’s right to life.

Furthermore, abortion is a moral stain on our nation and society in general. Don’t believe me? Check out the black pro life group featured in the documentary about Gosnell at, they make a pretty convincing argument. It is paramount that we as a society re-examine our sense of morality. Is it any wonder that a society which allows babies and fetuses still developing babies to be murdered is plagued with moral insensitivity and a general dismissal of the value of life?

Liberals will argue that this story doesn’t apply to the “legal and safe” abortions baby homicides that happen everyday. Let’s just ignore the fact that life begins at conception and that assassinating a fetus in the womb (where it can’t bee seen) is no less cruel than killing a birthed baby. Let’s argue simply on their point. Gosnell operated for decades and wasn’t even seriously looked into despite killing several women and sending many to local hospitals. Complaints piled up at the Department of Health and yet no one even bothered to look. Is anyone sure this is an isolated incident?
The bottom line is that the utterly despicable images and descriptions of this horrific story would no doubt sway public opinion on abortion legal genocide. The left doesn’t want that to happen. It’s important we get this message out. Let’s hit up every liberal media outlet and make them at least present the facts to everyone. America’s children deserve it.

PS – I read through the 281 page grand jury report last night and tweeted some of the pertinent information to the case. 

The report can be found at and I’ve compiled my tweets about it here for your convenience.