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Sunday, November 2, 2014

2 November 2014 A.D. Joel Osteen Endorsing Imam Barack Hussein Obama?

2 November 2014 A.D.  Joel Osteen Endorsing Imam Barack Hussein Obama?

Broadt, Jesse. “Will the Real Joel Osteen Please Stand Up?”  28 Oct 2014.  Accessed 1 Nov 2014.

Joel Osteen, Pastor of the biggest congregation in America, Lakewood Church, appears to be an Obama fan, despite the fact that Obama's agenda goes against everything true Christians believe. Those of us who are intelligent and observant were not really surprised, as we have known for a long time that Osteen's “I'm okay, you're okay” milk toast sermons are far from Bible-based and do not reflect in any way the beliefs of his father, John Osteen, who started Lakewood Church and preached the uncompromising message of Christ for multiple decades before his death in 1999. Joel Osteen, however he may have started out, is currently nothing more than a progressive in Christian's clothing.

Obama a Christian? Come, come now

Anyone calling President B. Hussein Obama a Christian is a curious thing, as Obama himself no longer even tries to make this claim. In addition, President Obama has stated that we are not a Christian nation and that the Bible is “not adequate for modern life.” He has not yet offered any criticism of the Koran, however. Maybe he feels the violence it promotes IS appropriate for today's modern world.

Honoring those who refute the Gospel

Christians should not be surprised, as the Bible warns that there will be a falling away in the church during the end times, which is the era we are living in right now. The Scriptures state that supposed ministers of the true Gospel will abandon Biblical Christianity in favor of their own mystical, man-centered doctrines. Anyone who listens to Osteen preach can see that that is exactly what he has done.

Oprah Winfrey, a self-professed “new age high priestess,” felt perfectly comfortable sitting in the front row of Osteen's church with her friend, Tyler Perry. (We won't even go there.) Why would any true Christian pastor want to give praise to someone who uses her influence with people around the world to convince them that there are many ways to God, rather than the One Way spoken of in the Bible? Osteen made the following speech when Oprah visited his church: “we are so honored to have a world changer, history maker and one of the great voices of our generation present today. Oprah has brought a friend with her, Tyler Perry, and we are so honored to have you two here and it is great to see what God is doing in your lives.”

What God is doing in their lives? One must wonder to which god Osteen is referring, since a person must first accept Jesus in order for Him to work in his or her life. Of course, he also stated that there will be homosexuals in Heaven.

I have a hunch that neither Osteen nor Obama have breezed through the Bible lately.

Oprah Winfrey teaches us about life (insert chuckle)

Now we all know Osteen joined Oprah Winfrey’s “life classes” in 2011, which are nothing more than the teachings of New Age heresy. Osteen was featured on Winfrey’s series, where he offered a message to followers that included no mention of Jesus Christ, forgiveness of sins or the Biblical Gospel.

Winfrey openly promotes a book called “The Secret,” which is based on the occult. It talks about something called the “law of attraction” and eventually leads people to determine that they are their own gods. Obviously, it is up to each individual person to decide what to believe. Unlike Muslims, we do not not want to behead those who don't believe in Jesus; however, if a person professes to be the pastor of a Christian church, he really has no business embracing New Age tenets or indirectly helping to promote books like the “The Secret.” Unfortunately, Osteen felt fine doing just that.

Denies Jesus on the Larry King Show

Osteen also had absolutely no issue with refusing to state one of the most obvious Biblical truths that even those who have only been Christians for a short time believe: That the only way to God is through his Son, Jesus Christ. However, on Larry King live, Osteen danced around a direct question concerning this matter continuously until King eventually dropped it. He was asked if those who do not accept Jesus will go to Heaven and the closest he came to any semblance of an answer was “it's not for me to say.”

Well, actually it is, Joel. Anyone who claims to be a minister of the Gospel and pastor of a Bible based church is commissioned to proclaim that there is one way to Heaven and that is through the Son of God, Jesus Christ. This is something all Christians are commissioned to do, but pastors in particular have absolutely no excuse for hedging on this question, otherwise what is the point of claiming to be a minister of the Christian faith?

Unfortunately, the Gospel is not what Osteen regularly preaches to his television audience or his live congregation. Rather, after hearing him, it is easy to believe that the inspiration for many of his sermons could have very well been “The Secret.” In other words, he preaches the New Age religion under a Christian label. At a time when ministers throughout the country are encouraging people to vote and standing up to persecution, such as that recently dished out by Houston's lesbian mayor, we're hearing about Osteen cheering for Obama and his failed policies. Why not just call yourself a Progressive, Mr. Osteen? Sadly, it looks as if you already have. However, pointing this out is one thing, only God can fix it, so pray for this person because he sorely needs your prayers.

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