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Monday, August 4, 2014

4 August 458 B.C. Ezra: "We're goin' on a hike!"

4 August 458 B.C. Ezra:  "We're goin' on a hike!"

Ezra and 5000ish Jews walk 900 miles from Babylon to Jerusalem. He was the commissioner for Jewish affairs under Artaxerxes 1 of Persia. He was a priest and scribe. He left Babylon on 8 April 458 and assembled on the Ahava Canal off the Euphrates River (7.9; 8.15). On 19 April 458 B.C., they set off to Jerusalem. In 4 Aug 458 B.C. (7.8-9), they arrived in Jerusalem. 
Ezra was a man of the covenant, a vigorous student, well-known scribe, a teacher of God's Word, a benchmark for young men and women, a leader and conserver, preserver and transmitter of Israel’s (our) faith.

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