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Sunday, August 3, 2014

3 August 1836 A.D. Birth of Baptist Theologian—Augustus H. Strong

3 August 1836 A.D.  Birth of Baptist Theologian—Augustus H. Strong.

A dreary, verbose, 1000-page plus Systematic Theology.  Give me old Princeton’s Prof Charles Hodge thanks.  Read Strong twice and never again. carries it at:

Augustus H. Strong (1836 to 1921)


President and Theologian.

Augustus H. Strong was born in Rochester New York. Ordained in 1861, he pastored for eleven years in Massachusetts and Ohio before becoming the president of Rochester Theological Seminary. Highly regarded by his generation as a teacher and leader, Strong was also president of the American Baptist Missionary Union and the first president of the Northern Baptist Convention. He published a three-volume Systematic Theology, which is still in print. After embracing the possibility of evolution for a time, he eventually came out strongly against modernism, declaring Christ to be the one and only revealer of God, in nature, in humanity, in history, in science, and in scripture.

3 August 1836 A.D. Birth of Baptist Theologian—Augustus H. Strong.

Wiki offers the following.

Augustus Hopkins Strong (3 August 1836 – 29 November 1921) was a Baptist minister and theologian who lived in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His most influential book, Systematic Theology, proved to be a mainstay of Reformed Baptist theological education for several generations.



He was born on August 3, 1836 in Rochester, New York. His father was Alvah Strong, printer of such early Rochester newspapers as the Anti-Masonic Enquirer, the Morning Advertiser, and the Weekly Republican before becoming the longtime proprietor of The Daily Democrat.[1] His grandfather was a "physician of considerable eminence"[2] from Warren, Connecticut who moved to Scipio, New York in 1799 and Rochester in 1821. Both his eldest uncle and father were deacons in the First Baptist Church of Rochester and helped found the Rochester Theological Seminary, over which he later presided. His youngest uncle became a 49er after losing both his wife and infant son.[3] His younger brother, Henry A. Strong, was a wildly successful businessman and philanthropist who served as Eastman Kodak's first president.

He graduated from Yale College in 1857, having had a religious conversion during his time in college. He began his theological studies at Rochester Theological Seminary and was awarded his D.D. in Germany. In August 1861 he was ordained pastor of First Baptist Church of Haverhill, MA. After his short pastorate in Haverhill, he went on in 1865 to become the pastor of First Church, Cleveland, OH, and from there to become president of Rochester Theological Seminary,[4] during which time he wrote his Systematic Theology.

His eldest son was the American psychologist and philosopher, Charles A. Strong. Diplomat Theodore C. Achilles was a first cousin, twice removed. A niece married George R. Carter and a second cousin, twice removed married Margaret Woodbury Strong.

Selected works

  • Strong, Augustus H. (1886), Systematic Theology: a Compendium and Commonplace-book Designed for the Use of Theological Students, Rochester, New York: E.R. Andrews, OCLC 57126453 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1888), Philosophy and Religion: a Series of Addresses, Essays and Sermons Designed to Set Forth Great Truths in Popular Form, New York: Armstrong, OCLC 1965895 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1899), Christ in Creation and Ethical Monism, Philadelphia: The Roger Williams press, OCLC 3313848 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1912), Miscellanies, Philadelphia: Griffith and Rowland, OCLC 759154 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1914), Popular Lectures on the Books of the New Testament, Philadelphia: Griffith and Rowland, OCLC 3602324 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1916), American poets and their theology, Philadelphia: Griffith and Rowland, OCLC 448204 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1918), A tour of the missions; observations and conclusions, Philadelphia: Griffith and Rowland Press, OCLC 2879076 
  • Strong, Augustus H. (1922), What Shall I Believe?: a Primer of Christian Theology, New York: F.H. Revell, OCLC 8393474 


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