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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SGM-Mahaney: Recommended Articles for Publication

Some recommended articles that should be written and published.  Heavy sarcasm-alert, albeit justified.  This scribe just finished the sixth read of the Detwiler documents "outting Mahaney."  Close notes and cross-referencing occurred. The SGM wikileaks can be found at:  Looks like about 33K downloads.  We offer some recommendations for articles, sarcastic but honourable.

Ambassadors of Reconcilation. “The Long Story of Years of Cover-up: 1982-2011.” Big Moneyville: IL: Lutheran Press, 2011. Print.

Boorstein, Ms. “Congratulatory Tomczak Gets Dumped in Late De-Congratulatory SGM Developments, Nov 2011.” www. Oct 2011. Web.

Challies, Tim. “Getting Rolled Bigtime: Mahaney Story.” Oct 2011. Web.

Detwiler, Brent. “Crosshairs on Lying, Deception, Hypocrisy, and Other Documented and Unseemly Behaviours: A Study in the Records.” Mooresville, NC: Screw-over Press, 2011.

Dever, Mark. “Some Powerful Whiffs and Strange Odours Wafting Over from SGM.” Wash, DC: Odorific Press, 2011. Print.

Dever, Mark. “Sanctuary for a Scoundrel: Some Thoughts.” Oct 2011. Web..

Duncan, Ligon. “Sticking My Foot in My Big Mouth: A Study in Hasty Conclusions Re: Mahaney and Claiming `My Old Friend’ Privilege.” Oct 2011. Web.

DeYoung, Kevin.
"Did Mahaney Roll Me?  Further Reflections."  Oct 2011. Web.

Emerson, Gene. “Church Control and Back-door Tactics and Operations: Lessons from Kingsway, Crossway, and Grace Churches.” Richmond, VA: Hose-em-over Press, 2010. Print.

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Harvey, Davebitious. "My Historic Cravings for CJ's Approval." Phila, PA:  Cravings Press, 2011.

Harvey, Davebitious. “Shuck and Jive Tactics: Jul-Dec 2011 Ops.” Phila, PA: Oh-Oh Press, 2011. Print or Web. Harvey,

Harvey, Davebitious. “My Historic Cravings for CJ’s Approval Over the Decades.” Phila, PA: Cravings Press, 2011. Print or Web.

Harris, Josh. “Getting Flipped: Story of a Mentor’s Lockdown and Accusations.” Gaithersburg, MD: What-Do-I-Do-100 Degree-Hotwater Press, 2011. Print or Web.

Kauflin, Bob. “Keepin’ Em’ Happy-Clappy, Enthused, and Passionate at CLC During a Meltdown of Intellect and Inquiry: Studies in Revivalism.” Gaithersburg, MD: Enthusiastic Press, 2011. Print or Web.

Kirchner, Eric. “Flipping on Detwiler in 45 Days: How SGM’s Gene Emerson, Davebitious, and CJ Flipped Me from April to May 2009.” Gaithersburg, MD: Coverup Press, 2010.

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Mahaney, CJ. “Counselling Families of Sex Abuse and Trauma: How to Do It With No Education Like Me and My SGM Pastors.” Gaithersburg, MD: Cultic Press, 2011. Print.

Mahaney, CJ. “Jude Tour Through Several Churches: How to Preach Jude without Reference to It.” Gaitherburg, MD: Non-Exegetical Press, 2011. Print.

Mahaney, CJ. “Working a Crowd: How to Exploit a Crowd of Willing Admirers to Meet Narcissistic Needs.” Gaithersburg, MD: Narcissistic Press, 2011.

Mahaney, CJ. “True Humility While All the Insiders Observe Otherwise, Including Davebitious: A Study in Deception.” Gaithersburg, MD: Humble Press, 2005.

Mahaney, CJ. “Spray-painting Brown Turds with Gold: Survival Studies in Perfuming Turds.” Gaithersburg, MD: Golden-Perfumed-Camouflage Press, 2011.

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Veitch, Donald Philip. “Lawful Rules for Legitimate Sarcasm and Justifiable Contempt for Toxic-Two-Timers, Liars, and Other Hypocrites.” Camp Lejeune, NC: Truth-Seeking Press, 2011. Print.


Anonymous said...

"Mahaney, CJ. “Spray-painting Brown Turds with Gold: Survival Studies in Perfuming Turds.” "

The wit and wisdom of reformed Anglicanism?

Reformation said...

Actually, Luther used it with Erasmus in Bondage of the Will (1525), although we spiked it with a perfume theme.