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Thursday, December 18, 2014

18 December 1944 A.D. ADM Halsey's 3rd FLT Encounters Typhoon—3 Destroyers Sunk; Serious Damage to Other Cruisers, Carriers, & Destroyers

18 December 1944 A.D.  ADM Halsey's 3rd FLT Encounters Typhoon—3 Destroyers Sunk; Serious Damage to Other Cruisers, Carriers, & Destroyers

1902 - During the Venezuela Crisis of 1902-1903, Adm. George Dewey receives orders from President Theodore Roosevelt to sail with the North and South Atlantic Squadron to Trinidad then Venezuela to ensure Great Britain and Germany's dispute with Venezuela is settled by peaceful arbitration, not force. A settlement is reached February 1903.

1927 - Chief Gunner's Mate Thomas Eadie dives under adverse conditions to help Chief Torpedoman Fred Michels, who had problems connecting an air line to USS S 4 as she is sinking. After two hours of extremely dangerous work, Eadie succeeds in his mission and brings Michels safely to the surface. For his extraordinary heroism Eadie is awarded the Medal of Honor. Michels receives his second Navy Cross for his rescue efforts on USS S 4.

1943 - USS Aspro (SS 309) attacks a Japanese convoy in Sakishima Gunto, damaging fleet tankers Sarawak Maru and Tenei Maru, and escapes counter attacks by destroyer Shoikaze. Meanwhile, USS Grayback (SS 208) sinks Japanese freighter Gyokurei Maru east-northeast of Naha, Okinawa and escapes counter attacks by destroyer Kumakaze.

1944 - Adm. Halsey's Third Fleet encounters a typhoon northeast of Samar. Destroyers USS Hull (DD 350), USS Spence (DD 512), and USS Monaghan (DD 354) are sunk. Serious damage is sustained by the cruiser USS Miami (CL 89), small carriers USS Monterey (CVL 26), USS Cowpens (CV 25), and USS San Jacinto (CVL 30), the escort carriers USS Cape Esperance (CVE 88) and USS Altamara (CVE 18), and the destroyers Alywin, USS Dewey (DD 349) and USS Hickox (DD 673).

1965 - The River Patrol Force is established in Vietnam. In December 1970, the resources are transferred by Admiral Elmo Zumwalt to the Vietnamese Navy.

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