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Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 June 632 AD. Muhammed Died--Perhaps the Greatest Eternal Reprobate in History

8 June 632 AD.  Muhammed died and went where reprobates go.
Dr. Rusten tells the story. 
Rusten, E. Michael and Rusten, Sharon. The One Year Christian History. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2003. Available at:
Muhammed was born between 570-580.  His father died before he was born; his mother died when he was 6; he came under a grandfather and, later, an uncle’s care.  He lived in relative poverty.
Assuming 580 as the birth date, at age 25, or 605, he entered the service of a wealthy widow.  She was 15 years his senior.  He had instant wealth.  He lived a life of luxury, but also of increasing religious inquiry and contemplation.
At age 40, or 620, he was having visions like some Pentecostal Hillbilly.  He began stressing monotheism, alms, prayer and surrender to Allah. He fled from Mecca to Medina
At age 43, or 623, he had 12 converts.
15 July 622 is given as the beginning of the Muslim calendar
In 630, he and his co-conquerors took Mecca.
By the day of his death and descent to hell, 8 June 632, age 52, all of Arabia had embraced this anti-Christ religion.
By 732, the Islamo-hordes had spread like wildfire.
Jihad = holy war = war against non-Muslims.
Islam spread to Spain, North Africa, India, Iraq, Palestine and other places. Using, as is often done, the canon of numbers to establish and validate doctrines [think American evangelicals and evangelists], Islam was successful. But, they also advanced by the sword.
Western Europe was threatened by this mindset of “convert or die.”  Charles Martel defeated the Islamo-fascist advance at the Battle of Tours, 732, exactly 100 years after the reprobate’s death.
1/5 of the world population is Muslim.  In 1900, 12% of the world population was Muslim.  In 2000, it was 21%. 1.3 billion Muslims exist. It is the fasting growing anti-Christ in the world.
There are more Muslims in the USA than Episcopalians. 

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