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Saturday, March 31, 2012

TBN Bimbo, Paula White: ER2, TD Jakes, & Baptacostals

Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries offers his assessment of ER2, TD Jakes, and Benny Hinn’s girl-friend, Paul White.  We offer our comments in red.

RA:  After Paula White’s involvement with Benny Hinn in Rome last year, with all the hand-holding and the divorce in suspense, what’s going on currently?  We know, as of last year, that old Benny got divorced from his wife.  Benny ditched her and his wife ditched him.  So much for Biblical marriage amongst the Yappaholics.  We covered Benny’s divorce at:

Apprising Ministries continues covering the aftermath of the Elephant Room 2, which was put on by former Gospel Coalition members James MacDonald and Mark Driscoll. [RA:  Apparently, Driscoll and the Gospel Coalition have been involved.  As Confessional Anglicans, we’ve not followed the ins-and-outs of these Baptacostals, except at a well-advised distance.  They offer so little. Our distance is suitable and well-advised.] 

I told you in There’s More To The Resignation Of James MacDonald From Gospel Coalition that MacDonald would resign from TGC because he didn’t want to “pull the plug” on T.D. Jakes coming to the ER2. 

[RA:  We’re still not following all the chaos of these sectarians like Harvest Chapellers, Acts 29, Driscoll and others.  We are not schismatics and sectarians without confessional or creedal roots.  Who is Jakes?  MacDonald?  TGC?  Baptacostalist sectarians?] 

Then on Wednesday of this week we suddenly saw Mark Driscoll Resigns From The Gospel Coalition [RA: We note this/] right on the heels of Matt Chandler To Be New President OfFActs 29 Network as Driscoll decided to step down. Sources within Acts 29 tell me these are related, at least in part, to ER2. [RA:  Sectarians and schismatics from the beginning.  They are Baptacostals and Baptacholics.] Fallout from ER2 will likely continue to be seen within the contemporary evangelicalism [RA:  What is “contemporary evangelicalism”?] this year because the main claim to fame for this conference was, in my opinion, the pass given to Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes. [RA:  What has been, if ever, the Confessional, liturgical and creedal benchmark for McDonald or the other schismatics?  Ditto for all TBN exhorters?  Or SBCers without a Confession?] As I see it, led by Mark Driscoll, Jakes was essentially allowed to say, “I’m a trinitarian-modalist.”  [RA:  Since when has the Creed, or Creeds, meant much to SBC exhorters like Silva?  At least Anglicans have retained the Creeds.] Jakes’ obvious Word Faith prosperity teachings were never even mentioned, let alone addressed. [OK, is this it?]

The net result is ER2 was successful in mainstreaming T.D. Jakes [RA: So?]; and then James MacDonald would go on the offensive on the Chris Fabry Live (CFL) program to imply that in their private dialogues Jakes does not accept the label of a Word Faith prosperity preacher. However from years of involvement with, and study of, the WF movement I can tell you that no WF preacher wants to be branded with that particular label. [RA: So, put the question in full and in the particulars to Jakes.  At this point, McDonald is just another sectarian, schismatic, Anabaptistic, and
Baptacostal revivalist.]

Unfortunately for James MacDonald et al the facts simply don’t line up with his assertion that T.D. Jakes is not a WF prosperity preacher. [RA:  It would appear that Jakes is a full-breed Pelagian, to wit, that children imitate and follow their parents’ behaviours, rather than inherit sin natures. We’ve always understood Jakes to be a Word-Prosperity-Pimp.  Why any discussion of it by MacDonald?]  For example there’s Megachurch Pastors Joel Osteen And T.D. Jakes Unite And Why You Should Care and T.D. Jakes May 2012 Leadership Conference To Feature Joel Osteen. Then just a couple of weeks ago T.D. Jakes Speaker This Month For Paula White’s A God Encounter. [RA:  Has Jakes ever postulated or presented his “Confession of Faith,” like the Westminsterians?  If not, why not?  Where is Jakes’s confession to the world?] While Osteen sugarcoats his Word Faith prosperity [RA: Osteen has to be the most ignorant cleric on TV today]  preaching by mixing in self-help jargon ala Robert Schueller [RA:  While at it, where is Osteen’s “Confession of Faith,” like the Westminsterians.  Does the old boy have one?  One that can be examined?  Osteen’s ignorance is legendary.] , there is no doubt that Pastrix Paula [Ditto for White’s “Confession of Faith”] White is basically a female version of T.D. Jakes. If you didn’t know, there’s good reason for this as White often speaks of Jakes as her “spiritual father,” which you can hear for yourself in Elephant In The Room: T.D. Jakes And Paula White. To point this out is not merely guilt by association.

To look at this in a legal sense, it goes to the credibility of T.D. Jakes. It was James MacDonald who called Jakes to the witness stand in ER2 and he’s attempted to defend his brother Jakes. We then have every right to cross examine the record of T.D. Jakes [RA:  This is always the right of a
Biblical analyst]
who stated on the record that he holds an orthodox view of the Holy Trinity and, according to his spiritual defense attorney [RA” Spiritual attorney?}  now apparently claims not to be Word Faith.

Since Paula White claims Jakes was her mentor [RA:  Jakes?  White claims this?  Where is the scholarly bibliography of several hundred volumes?  Jakes?  How about the scholars of the ages?], which he also acknowledges, then we are within our right to examine her teachings and lifestyle because they also reflect upon her spiritual father T.D. Jakes. In closing this, for now, I point you to an Orlando Sentinel piece from January of this year called New Destiny’s Paula White preaches from life of ups, downs. Jeff Kunerth begins: 

In her first sermon as the new pastor [RA” Pastor?”  Ahem.] of New Destiny Christian Center, Paula White described herself as a “messed up Mississippi girl” who was picked on as a child. [RA: Irrelevant to Biblical exposition, Biblical Churchmanship, doctrine, worship and piety.] But don’t let this blond hair fool you, she told the congregation, this girl knows how to fight [RA: A bit of a yawner for retired and active duty U.S. Marines.  Sorry, Paula, but not very impressive].

“I came out of my momma’s womb fighting,” [RA: You’re alone?  Do you think 1000s upon 1000s came foreward without a struggle, Paula?  And you are special because of….?] she said. “That’s why I will go to war. I will fight.” (Online source)  [RA:  What a bizarre claim.  The issue is harmartiology in the classical sense, not your forlorn experience amongst southern Enthusiasts.]

Obviously, by claiming to be a pastor White is already in violation of God’s Word (cf. 1 Timothy 2:12). [RA: After all, what is this gal’s theological background?  A 90-hour MDiv?  A 30-hour Th.M.?  A Ph.D.?  Or, much less?] You might be saying, “Wait a minute she’s supposed to be the senior pastor of Without Walls Church.” That’s right, she is; and she found a way to become pastrix of New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) as well. [RA:  Just another loud-mouthed hack and Baptacostalist without an education and with a lot of vigour.  What else might be expected of individualistic Anabaptistic enthusiasts?] You might recall in August of last year I told you that Florida Megachurch Pastor Zachery Tims Found Dead, NDCC was his church.

Well, pastrix Paula White claims that she was Tims’ spiritual mentor. [RA” White, a pastoral mentor, without degrees? ] For more on the controversy surrounding just how White came to be appointed pastor at NDCC I refer you to Paula White Officially Appointed Senior Pastor of Zachery Tims’ Fla. Church. [RA:  More hackeries and loondoms.] Right now we return to our look at the teachings of pastrix White as Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeff Kunerth continues:

White often refers to her past personal hardships as examples of how faith and determination have elevated her into the pulpit. Her rags-to-riches travails inspire those in the congregation who have experienced difficulties in their lives. [RA: Yawn. Where’s the exposition of Sacred Scriptures?]

“Part of her appeal is the success theology [RA:  Holy moly, as a retired Marine and as a retired senior officer, I can preach my successes in the military?  Holy moly, let me write a book and get on TV too…] she preaches,” [RA: Sheer crap.] said Sheila Strobel Smith, an expert on leadership transition in mega-churches like Apopka’s New Destiny. “For people feeling down and out, they can see she has picked herself up and made a success of herself. And her life continues to play that out.” (Online source) [RA: More yawning.]

As you can see, just as her spiritual father T.D. Jakes, White’s message is herself; typical of Word Faith prosperity preachers. [RA:  Suitable to half-wits and illiterates.] As with other WF snake oil salesmen [RA: Including the entire TBN crowd and Benny Hinn] Kunerth also tells us that Without Walls Church, which White co-founded with her then husband Randy White [RA Whoa, Paula White, the scholar, the diva, the august, the Bimbo, the magnificent, the PhD,. and the boyfriend of Benny Hinn. The two magisters  and examples of illustration, the divorced Paul and Randy, examples of Christian doctrine, worship and piety (tongue in cheek[ got divorced, yet without a whimper from TBN]: became the focus of a congressional investigation into several high-profile preachers suspected of living lavish lifestyles at the expense of their congregations. (Online source) [RA:  Have we ever seen Paula’s financial records?  In full?  The whole and entire matter is still unresolved, including Paul Crouch Sr.’s manifestations.]

Kunerth also tells us, as it concerns her taking over NDCC, that White:
has plenty of detractors, including R. Douglas Chukwuemeka, who came out of the same Baltimore church as Zachery Tims and pastors New Destiny’s sister church in Arizona. Chukwuemeka challenges White’s assertions that she was the close spiritual mother of Tims. [RA: Baptacostalist yappings] 

“She’s making it up and playing on the people’s feelings,” said Chukwuemeka, senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Church in Laveen, Ariz. “She definitely would not be the one he would want to succeed him.” (Online source)  [RA:  For the youths, young people, new inquirers after Christ, non-catechetized but learning, and new joins, keep your hand on the wallet, firmly.  Think, read, mark and decide, but never follow these half-wits.] 

§  Then finally Jeff Kunerth shares the following, which comes as absolutely no surprise to those of us familiar with the preaching stylings of pastrix Paula White [RA:  Silva, start getting your subject and verb agreements together, otherwise, you look like an uneducated Baptistic rubarb...that's what we expect from Baptacostals]: 

Tall and slender, she appears more model than minister — until she opens her mouth and begins to preach. In a style borrowed from black pastors, including her “spiritual father” T.D. Jakes, White preaches with a breathless delivery of nonstop sentences that rise to an emotional peak just short of exhaustion. (Online source) [RA:  The few times we’ve heard Paula speak, she sounds like a Baptacostalist loon.  No depth.  No Confessionalism.  Certainly, no liturgy.  No Creedalism.  What does she offer but her ignorance?  Does she even have a credible and basic 90-hour degree in theology, a “starters” degree?] 

I’ll leave you with the following demonstration of pastrix Paula White in action so you can see part of “the show” for yourself. Below is White preaching the classic Word Faith sow a seed of money [RA: “Send dem dollas in you folks” preaches the huckster] so God will be obligated to bless you; and this she does for her spiritual father T.D. Jakes at his Potter’s House in December of 2010:


RA:  For new inquirers to Christendom, teenagers, non-Catechetized, or young adults without a background.  Paula White, T.D. Jakes, TBN, Paul Crouch and Benny Hinn should be avoided.  On our end, we need to develop a basic bibliography for new joins.  After these exercises about “Witless Wonders,” like White, we will get to the issues of providing a basic bibliography. 00:00


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