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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anglican Report with George Conger and Kevin Kallsen
Anglican Report with George Conger and Kevin Kallsen.
The news from the ACNA Provincial Assembly in Long Beach, Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, Archbishop Rowan Williams, and Archbishop Valentino Mokiwa arrest threat all in one report.   

ACNA, a real collection of oddballs and oddities. From Tractarians like Jack in Fort Worth to semi-Pentecostals in the AMiA.  Bob Duncan, the ABP, constantly--like a Romanist and American evangelical--talks about "transformative love" without a hint of the true Gospel of imputed righteousness (it's his educational background). 



Hudson said...

In our condemnation of everything that's wrong in Anglicanism, let's not stop with ACNA, but rather let us disown the whole of the Anglican Communion. I didn't spend 30 years in protest of TEC to join an orgy of Romanists, Pentecostals and Wesleyans.

Kip said...

NC/SC/GA "Southerner" living out here in Southern California ... spiritually starving w/o very good churches here, so I'm looking to leave this decadent state in the near future.

I'm a Calvinist (attended RTS-Orlando, graduated from Greenville Seminary w/ M.Div., Erskine College, B.S.), was licentiate in ARP, PCA, OPC ... before leaving behind ministerial pursuits for a career in IT. I quietly follow BCP daily prayers as a part of my own private daily devotions.

Have strong desire but very difficult for me to even participate in much of the worship at local ACNA parishes ... feel like a complete outsider since the liturgy is highly Anglo-Catholic. I live just around the corner from All Saints Anglican - Long Beach, CA. I wonder what J.I. Packer or C.S. Lewis would think of the theology there.

Would love to be a part of a community of believers outside of my normal commmunion ... but too hocus-pocus, watered down for me.

Searching for Reformed Anglicanism, so I started following you on Twitter about a week ago. Thanks for the blogging help you no doubt are unaware that you are providing.


Reformation said...


We sound very much alike. Just switch the names and a few places of study around, but otherwise, an exact replication of my orientation of disorientation--or, disclocation, disjointedness and grieving dissatisfaction.

If this blog has been a help to you, then, that fact alone, warrants the continuance of the effort. There are others like you.

Best regards,