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Saturday, January 17, 2015

18 January 1793 A.D. William Henry Havergal—Church of England Rector & Father of Ms. Francis Havergal; The Rector Surely Taught His Daughter the Rich Fullness of Covenant Theology

18 January 1793 A.D. William Henry Havergal—Church of England Rector & Father of Ms. Francis Havergal; The Rector Surely Taught His Daughter the Rich Fullness of Covenant Theology

William Henry Havergal (1793 to 1870)

Church of England

William Composed; Frances Wrote

William H. Havergal was born in Worcester, England. An accomplished musician, he wrote about 100 hymns and composed many tunes for his daughter Frances Havergal's verse. The father is remembered today for the music to which we sing "Oh, for a Faith that Will Not Shrink." His epitaph called him a "faithful minister of the Lord."

Turning from Rev. Havergal, we cite one hymn written either by him or Ms. Havergal.  Clearly, she was instructed in Reformed and covenant theology.  No doubt.

Reformed Prayer Book Churchmanship has chosen this as its #1 Hymn.

Forum's (#1) Hymn: "Jehovah's Covenant Shall Endure"

As a reminder, the "hymn of this forum," by Ms. Havergal. Ever-fresh and strengthening, God's gracious covenant with us and our children. Ms. Frances Ridley Havergal. Ms. Havergal was raised in the home of a 19th cent. Church of England cleric’s home. She was baptized and buried in the Church of England, a servant of the Covenanting-Redeemer, the Eternal Three-in-One. Mr. Packer does not connect this grand hymn to a tune, but it works with the “Old 100th.”  

We're using the tune of the old 100th to the lyrics by Ms. Havergal. We have no other option. We can find no tune to Ms. Havergal's composition, an astute hymn capturing the essentials of the covenant of grace made with our forefathers, ourselves and our children by baptism, affirmed in the frequent Lord's Supper, and HM's Gospel. Ever sure in these troubled times. 

 Ms. Frances Ridley Havergal.  No known tune to this scribe, but it works with the “Old 100th.” 

 1.   Jehovah’s covenant shall endure,

All ordered, everlasting, sure!

O child of God, rejoice to trace

Thy portion in its glorious grace 

2.  ‘Tis thine, for Christ is given to be

The covenant of God to thee;

In him, God’s golden scroll of light

The darkest truths are clear and bright. 

3. O sorrowing sinner, well he knew,

Ere time began, what he would do!

Then rest thy hope within the veil;

His covenant mercies shall not fail. 

4. O doubting one, Eternal Three

Are pledged in faithfulness for thee;

Claim every promise sweet and sure,

By covenant oath of God secure. 

5.  O feeble one, look up and see

Strong consolation sworn for thee;

Jehovah’s glorious arm is shown

His covenant strength is all thine own. 

6. O mourning one, each stroke of love

A covenant blessing yet shall prove;

His covenant love shall be thy stay;

His covenant grace be as thy day.

7. O Love that chose, O Love that died,

O Love that sealed and sanctified

All glory, glory be,

O covenant Triune God, to thee!

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