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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Compromise of J. I. Packer

This video is about 60-minutes and it is worth every minute of it--our sense is this: Packer is an under-analyzed compromiser. The volume of his writings obscure the gross offensiveness of Packer's gross strategic and tactical errors. In review of the northern and southern kings of Israel and Judah, great men fall and sin. Assuredly, Jim "has fallen" and most seriously.

The following is posted at

About CWRC Ministries

Evangelicals & Catholics Together: The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium
The following statement is the product of consultation, beginning in September 1992, between Evangelical Protestant and Roman Catholic Christians. Appended to the text is a List of participants in the consul-tation and of others who have given their support to this declaration.

Mr. Charles Colson Prison Fellowship
Fr. Juan Diaz-Vilar, S.J. Catholic Hispanic Ministries
Fr. Avery Dulles, S.J. Forciham University
Bishop Francis George, OMI Diocese of Yakima (Washington)
Dr. Kent Hill Eastern Nazarene College
Dr. Richard Land Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
Dr. Larrv Lewis Home Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
Dr. Jesse Miranda Assemblies of God
Msgr. William Murphy Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Boston
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus Institute on Religion and Public Life
Mr. Brian O'Connell World Evangelical Fellowship
Mr. Herbert Schlossberg Fieldstead Foun-dation
Archbishop Francis Stafford Archdiocese of Denver
Mr. George Weigel Ethics and Public Policv Center
Dr. John White Geneva College and the National Association of Evangelicals

Dr. William Abraham Perkins School of Theology
Dr. Elizabeth Achtemeier Union Theological Seminary (Virginia)
Mr. William Bentley Ball Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Dr. Bill Bright Campus Crusade for Christ
Professor Robert Destro Catholic University of America
Fr. Augustine DiNoia, O.P. Dominican House of Studies
Fr. Joseph P. Fitzpatrick, S.J. Fordham University
Mr. Keith Fournier American Center for Law and Justice
Bishop William Frey Trinity Episcopal School for Ministrv
Professor Mary Ann Glendon Harvard Law School
Dr. Os Guinness Trinity Forum
Dr. Nathan Hatch Universitv of Notre Dame
Dr. James Hitchcock St. Louis University
Professor Peter Kreeft Boston College
Fr. Matthew Lamb Boston College
Mr. Ralph Martin Renewal Ministries
Dr. Richard Mouw Fuller Theological Seminary
Dr. Mark Noll Wheaton College
Mr. Michael Novak Anierican Enterprise Institute
John Cardinal O'Connor Archdiocese of New York
Dr. Thomas Oden Drew University
Dr. James J. I. Packer Regent College (British Columbia)
The Rev. Pat Robertson Regent University
Dr. John Rodgers Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry
Bishop Carlos A. Sevilla, S.J. Archiocese of San Francisco

Analysis of the E.C.T. STATEMENT

In 2008 Packer wrote an endorsement for a book called 'Creation or Evolution: Do We have to Choose?' by Denis Alexander. The book advocates theistic evolution and is critical of Intelligent Design.

He was ordained a deacon (1952) and priest (1953) in the Church of England

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